The Dominic Toms Golf Academy aims to offer expert golf tuition for golfers of all experience and abilities.

My expert team of PGA Professionals offer the ultimate golf lesson experience.  All Dominic Toms Golf Academy coaches are experts at diagnosing the technical and mental aspects of a golfer, whether beginner or tournament professional.


Player development is going through a period of tremendous change and technology is playing a central component in this transformation. Technology empowers us to monitor swing changes over time and allows the development of technique more effectively.

With the use of Trackman, you have all of the necessary tools to make progress. With the groundbreaking club and ball tracking golf radar systems combined with the best performance enhancing software available in the industry today.

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Our GASP Swing Analysis Video Software offers the opportunity to analyse the golf swing as never before.

We have the software to suit all needs and requirements. Our solutions offer not just regular video, but high speed and high resolution video integrated with 3D motion analysis.

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The force plate that we use provides important information that otherwise would not be available in conventional tuition. What you see is not always what you get and video alone can be inconclusive. The force plate delivers accurate information without the guess work.

Many mistakes in the swing are created by having a poor weight position at the start of the swing or a poor weight transfer during the swing. You would not find it surprising that these important things cannot be accurate unless you are measuring it correctly with a force plate.

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60 Minutes £80.00
30 Minutes £40.00



60 Minutes £70.00
30 Minutes £35.00


Introductory Assessment